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Every cell in the human body is essentially a battery that carries an electrical charge, which is what allows it to function. As with any battery, if the charge is low, then function and performance are also inherently low. PEMF therapy can help to “recharge” your cells, thus aiding the body’s natural healing process. This can lead to improved function by allowing an increased expulsion of toxins, as well as better nutrient and oxygen flow into the cells.

The PEMF effect essentially provides a “cellular exercise” effect, very similar to physical exercise. With consistent therapy, patients can see great improvements in cellular performance, and thus, in their overall health and well-being. Ask us how PEMF can help you today!

We are dedicated to making your healthcare experience one of restoration, not just a handful of pills and a push out the door. Please call us at 614-431-0555 to set up your no-charge consultation.