About Us / How it Works

Thank you for visiting our website! We help patients achieve optimal wellness by using our unique holistic, non-drug functional medicine approach. This model seeks to find and correct the deep, underlying causes of disease, instead of trying to cover up symptoms.

Visit 1

At your consultation, Dr. Siegel will discuss your health concerns and goals. He will go over his approach and give you his best recommendations for stabilizing your health struggles and get you feeling better as quick as possible. At the end of your consultation, you will pay for any labs Dr. Siegel has ordered, and schedule your follow up appointment. You will also leave with details outlining Dr. Siegel’s recommended treatment plan for you in which you are expected to decide how you want to move forward before your next appointment.

Before next appointment, patient should:
1. Complete your lab testing asap.
2. Review all information pertaining to Dr. Siegel’s specific recommendation for you.
3. Apply for financing, if needed.
4. Make a decision about how you’d like to move forward in preparation for your follow up visit.

Visit 2

Dr. Siegel will go over your lab results (if applies) and complete your initial toxicology exam. The results from these tests & exams will confirm his initial recommendation for you, and will at that point ask you how you’d like to proceed. We ask that you have made a decision by this appointment so that we can get you started on your path to wellness immediately!

We look forward to meeting you soon!