Our Approach - What Makes Us Unique?

At BioHealth Wellness Center, we are able to offer patients an unparalleled level of optimal wellness. On a daily basis we welcome patients that have basically become hopeless, having spent thousands of dollars on countless doctors and practitioners, with NO real explanations or solutions for their deep-rooted health struggles. We are here to RESTORE HOPE, because we know that there are opportunities for unbelievably better health for every patient that enters our clinic.

So, how do we do this? We help patients achieve optimal wellness by using our unique holistic, non-drug functional medicine approach. We look at the WHOLE person and how all the systems of the body constantly affect each other, aiming to optimize the functioning of the body's organs and their inter-connectivity with each other. This model seeks to find and correct deep, underlying causes of disease, instead of trying to cover up symptoms. We do all of this through our cutting edge and powerful treatment methods (see links to specific therapies on our "Services" page), along with our unmatched intimate care for our patients.

Our functional medicine approach embodies Toxicology, Bio-Chemistry and Neurology methods to treat a wide variety of chronic conditions, such as various Auto-Immune conditions, Thyroid Issues, Chronic Pain, Neuropathy and much more. Be sure to read more on our Toxicology page about how this foundational piece of our clinic sets us apart from any other practice you will encounter.