To each and every patient, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with a listening ear and a caring heart. We offer a unique, alternative avenue of discovery and unrelenting efforts towards finding answers to your health struggles. True to our Mission, we will work to restore hope by finding the underlying causes to your health challenges and provide customized, natural and drug-free care to lead you on your path to optimal wellness.


As important as it is to have a doctor that is committed to their patients’ wellness, it is equally important to have a patient and patient’s family that are willing and able to commit to the healing process as well. As challenging as it is to deal with the loss of your health, it can be even more challenging to regain it. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to form a Wellness Team that is composed of the doctor, staff, patient and the patient’s family or other support team.

We will do everything in our power to provide the finest health care for your family member(s). However, we will need something from you as well. Over the years we have learned that the greatest successes with our patients have come when the family has provided supplementary support at home under our direction and instruction. Failing to do so without consistency has resulted in less than satisfactory results.

Commitment in the following areas is crucial to the ultimate outcome:

  • Keeping all scheduled appointments (make up ASAP if missed)
  • EMF Avoidance to the greatest degree possible
  • Diet compliance
  • Home exercise compliance