Your brain controls and coordinates all functions of the body. Your health, well-being, physical vitality, mental clarity, and emotional stability are all directly correlated with proper brain function. Normal functioning of the body can only result if the communication between the brain cells (neurons) are firing or communicating at an appropriate pace and power.

At BioHealth Wellness Center, Dr. Siegel examines the brain from a functional perspective to determine if the neurons are communicating properly. He will look at the brain from a “hemispheric” perspective, that is, how the left hemisphere (left side) of the brain is working in relation to the right hemisphere (right side) of the brain. He accomplishes this through a detailed neurological examination which helps to reveal which parts of your brain (cerebellum, brain stem and/or cortex) are not firing properly.

Based on Dr. Siegel’s findings, we can then provide various brain stimulating, organizing and balancing modalities to help improve or correct the neurological weaknesses. These therapies may include any of the following: NeuroFeedback, Brain Based Therapies and Interactive Metronome.

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