Become a New Patient

Thank you for your interest in BioHealth Wellness Center…Where Wellness Begins!

Steps to Becoming a New Patient:

1. Please call 614-423-7753 to schedule your no-charge, no-obligation consultation! Staff will gather some basic information from you over the phone and schedule your consultation. You will receive a welcome email that contains important information that must be reviewed before coming in.

2. There are two tasks you must complete prior to arriving for your consultation. See below:

  • Complete all pages of our new patient paperwork. It is a requirement for all forms to be 100% completed PRIOR to arriving for your consultation. If upon arrival paperwork is not complete, your appointment will need to be rescheduled. We do not schedule any time for paperwork to be worked on when you arrive. No exceptions. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PAPERWORK!
    (If for any reason you have trouble printing our documents, please contact us in advance so we can be sure to get them to you before your appointment
  • Our pre-consultation video & our Toxicology Overview view must be watched in full prior to arriving. Upon arrival, staff will ask you if you have watched the videos all the way through. If you have not, your appointment will be rescheduled. Dr. Siegel will not see any new patient if the videos have not been watched.

3. Bring a copy we can keep of any lab results taken within the last 3 months.

We encourage all potential new patients to bring a loved one!