Health Enhancement Program

This program focuses primarily on improving four areas of dysfunction: Brain health; Gastrointestinal or "GI" health; Hormonal health and Immune health. It can help in areas such as Thyroid dysfunction, Prostate issues, Auto-Immune issues, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Adrenal Fatigue, Infertility and many more.

Our Health Enhancement Program is extremely successful in the improvement of many health conditions, WITHOUT the use of drugs or surgery. Initially, Dr. Siegel will most likely order his own blood testing, even if you have had recent blood work done, due to the fact that the majority of traditional testing done for chronic health issues is grossly inadequate and incomplete.

After an initial examination, along with any required blood test evaluation, Dr. Siegel will recommend a customizable treatment plan that will best suit your individual health needs. The Health Enhancement Program combines a customized selection of the following therapies:

Toxicology: Environmental toxicity (i.e. heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, etc.) and infectious agents (i.e. parasites, bacteria, viruses, etc.) can wreak havoc on the entire body. FCT is a safe and non-invasive procedure that allows Dr. Siegel to effectively find and treat these toxicities in the body that can often be contributing to chronic health issues. Toxicity is a critical piece of many people’s health struggles that is never even considered or evaluated by other healthcare practitioners. This specialized and effective method cannot be found anywhere else in the central Ohio area, and is a fundamental part of the great success we have in helping a variety of chronic health issues.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF): Every cell in the human body is essentially a battery that carries an electrical charge. As with any battery, if the charge is low, then function and performance are also inherently low. Achieving and maintaining an adequate cellular charge, along with good nutrition and oxygen, is vital to proper cellular function. PEMF therapy (sometimes referred to as “cellular exercise”) can help to “recharge” your cells, thus aiding the body’s natural healing process. Some effects of this improved healing process include: a reduction in inflammation, improved detoxification, increased mental and physical energy and endurance, chronic pain reduction, improved sleep quality, and much more.

NeurOptimal NeuroFeedback (NF): NeurOptimal neurofeedback is essentially a brain workout. It trains your brain to be more flexible and resilient. The system uses music as a cue to alert your brain when it is operating inefficiently, and with repeated sessions, the brain learns to function more smoothly and efficiently. As a result, improvement is seen with anxiety, brain fog, depression, forgetfulness, focus, insomnia, etc.

Nutritional Consultations: Dr. Siegel will provide nutritional guidance for the duration of your program. These appointments will be focused on implementing sustainable dietary changes and nutritional supplementation that will significantly enhance your Wellness journey. All nutritional supplementation and dietary suggestions are customized to fit your individual needs based on lab results, food sensitivities and detailed consultations with Dr. Siegel.

At BioHealth Wellness Center, our team is dedicated to helping you restore your health. To learn more about our Health Enhancement Program and how it can transform your life, call us today to set up your no-charge consultation, 614-423-7753!