Cranial Low Force Technique (CLFT)

Improving your Health through gentle touch!

Patients with pain and/or restricted motion in their neck, shoulders, back and hips will often benefit from this therapy. The Cranial Low Force Technique (CLFT) was developed by professionals of various backgrounds and experiences for the purpose of developing a more complete system of analysis, treatment and strengthening process of their patients.

This rare cranial method is precise, gentle and safe. It can turn on the switch to reactivate muscles that have been dormant for long periods of time due to prior injury or chronic stress. When these muscles contribute to the person’s strength and balance, that person will stop straining during the course of normal daily activities, thus speeding recovery. To turn the muscles back “ON”, the strength of the associated muscles must be tested first. This gentle process puts the brain on notice that the communication between itself and the muscle(s) is reduced. After the easy and gentle correction has been administered to the patient’s cranium and upper cervical region, the communication is re-established. This process results in reduced pain, lessened muscle tightness, restored muscle strength and improved range of motion.

CLFT works powerfully through the cranial-sacral system of the body, which houses the central nervous system, allowing dural and other soft tissue changes to take place. These changes affect the central nervous system, which governs all other systems of the body.

The cranial adjustments or corrections that are taught are gentle, low force and precise. They are best administered with the patient lying supine (on their back) when possible, while the doctor is comfortably seated. The adjustment itself is performed in a very short time, approximately 1-3 minutes. Each adjustment is tailored to the specific need of the patient. These corrections are then united with isolating and addressing muscle weakness and asymmetry in different areas of the body. It is this second part of the CLFT which gives the patient the best possible result from the cranial adjustment.

To summarize, CLFT is a system combining a precise, low-force cranial correction with a restoration of the strength and integrity of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system as a whole. Patients with neck, shoulder, hip and back pain can benefit.